Excel Booster-Bizwiz Tools (Trial Version With 7 Days Validity)

Add more than 80 new functionalities to Excel, which generally not available in Excel and save your time with Bizwiz Tools.


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Download user instruction manual using below link. Here you will find what all function are available in this add-in and how to use all those function in detail with screen shots.


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Bizwiz Tool is a powerful Excel add-in which can boost the power of excel multiple times.


“A must have tool for anyone who spends time in Excel”


We truly believe that “Bizwiz Tools” is a must in every office. It's guaranteed that more than a few of the tools will be just what you've been looking for to fill the gaps in Excel.

Do more and save time in Excel with this


This Bizwiz Tools add more than 80 new functionality to Excel and are guaranteed to save you time and speed up your work.


Few of popular functionalities in Bizwiz Tools are:

  • 1.   Print One sheet, multiple sheets, selected data or entire file in PDF in one click
  • 2.   Save your excel file with time stamp
  • 3.   Sent multiple mails from excel using outlook
  • 4.   Hide/Unhide/Super Hide all sheets in one click
  • 5.   Delete all sheets, Delete Blank Sheets, insert or sort multiple sheets in one click
  • 6.   Convert Text to Speech, Text to Image or Text to Linked Image
  • 7.   Change text in Upper, Lower, Proper or Sentence case
  • 8.   Protect/Unprotect all sheets with or without password in one click
  • 9.   Protect Cells having formula or specific cells as per requirement
  • 10. Highlight data as per requirement i.e. highlight alternate row or column, Negative values
  • 11. Highlight duplicates, unique, greater than, less than, misspelled, weekend and many more
  • 12. Get multiple lookup value in one cell
  • 13. Convert amount into words for multiple currencies
  • 14. Convert date into Day, Month or Year.
  • 15. and many more


System Requiremets:

  • 1. Window XP or Any above Window Versions based system
  • 2. Licensed Excel 2010 or above versions 
  • 3. MS Outlook


Full version has lifetime validity with free updates for next one year. Once purchase is done, refund is not allowed.

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