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Bizwiz brings to you a LIVE PAID Online One-O-One CONSULTATION SERVICE wherein you can clear your EXCEL doubts by TALKING to an EXCEL EXPERT.

Stuck in any of the following situations?

  • ✔️Unable to identify what formula will work best to achieve the desired result or,
  • ✔️There is an error in your formula, but you can't identify why or,
  • ✔️There is some GAP in your understanding of the formula or,
  • ✔️You come across a new topic and want to learn it One-O-One LIVE

Then go ahead & get quick help from a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT to CLARIFY these DOUBTS. After all, why wait when you can clarify them in REAL TIME?

Please ensure to go through the T&C mentioned below before booking the request.

See you on the other side:)

Terms & Conditions:

  • ⚈The consultation charges are non-refundable.
  • ⚈You can reschedule your slot in case it is required. For rescheduling, you need message on WhatsApp number 8800880668 for the same at least 4 hours before your time slot. Available time slot will be provided, in case of rescheduling.
  • ⚈You need to be available ON TIME as per the time slot booked. No extension will be provided in case you arrive late for the consultation beyond your scheduled time
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