Automated Financials From Tally (Combo Of General And Sch-III Format) (Validity 1 Year)

This tool can create Financials from Tally automatically even for multiple Companies. Minimum manual efforts are required in it. Even no need to import data from tally manually. You just need to open Tally and this excel based tool. Just Click and financials are ready. Utility will work in Tally ERP 9 & MS Office 2010 or above versions only.


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Watch this video to know more about the tool: 


Features of Tool:

  • 1. No need to bother about matching of Balance Sheet, It will do it.
  • 2. It will directly import Trial Balance from tally and will create financials
  • 3. In case of any change in tally data, it will update financials in excel in just one click
  • 4. Regrouping of Advance from Customers or Advance to Vendors in one click
  • 5. Financials can be created for multiple companies
  • 6. Financials can be created from "Any" currency to "Any" Currency
  • 7. In case, financials needs to be created other than "INR", it will even import FX rate automatically
  • 8. Print financials in PDF in one click

System Requiremets:

  • 1. Window XP or Any above Window Versions based system
  • 2. Licensed Excel 2010 or above versions
  • 3. Licensed Tally ERP 9 or above Versions with Admin Rights


Note:Kindly ensure you have tested the FREE trial version on your system & all system requirements above mentioned are met before you purchase this tool . NO REFUND shall be processed in any circumstances.

No customization in the tool will be done as part of support for the tool, it has to be used as it is. Any Customization required will be seperately Chargeable.

This tool is multi user whin in the firm. Same can not be used for multiple firms. If it needs to be used for multiple firms, separate licence needs to be purchased for each firm. 

Support will be available in case of any issue in using the utility.

For more details please refer this video. Just paste this link in your browser.

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