Have you appeared for many interviews but have not been able to land on a job that you desire ?


Or Are you a student who has just completed your education and you are looking out how to prepare for your job interview?


Or you want to appear for an  interview for a growth in your career but fear how you can cut through the fierce competition? 


Then You have landed on the perfect course where I'll be sharing with you some of the best tips and strategies that have helped countless job seekers to ace their interviews and land the job they've always wanted.


This course is different — as I have created it based on my 11+ Years of corporate experience where I have taken hundreds of Interviews and  worked with HR and Operations through the entire Grilling process of Mass Interviews! 


What you’ll learn

  • How Does the Interview Process Look Like
  • How many types of interviews are there and how to prepare for them
  • What are the types of questions that can be asked and how to answer them
  • Proven techniques to create the best possible answers that set you apart from the rest
  • How to appear for In-Person, Offline or Telephonic Interviews
  • What questions to ask your interviewer
  • What are the Do's and Dont's for an interview
  • What to do after the Interview

In addition to our expert tips and strategies, I'll have also provided you with practical exercises , activities and resources that will help you to put your new skills into practice and build your confidence as an interviewee.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection to watch the Course
  • A learning Attitude!


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to improve their interview skills and increase their chances of getting hired.
  • Whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone who's looking to make a career change
  • It doesn't matter what industry you're in, or what kind of job you're applying for


Thats not all , you get Bonuses along with this course

  • 20 Latest & Eye catching Resume Templates that you can use to ensure your Resume is selected
  • Guidance Material to help you at every step of your interview 


So, if you're ready to take your interview skills to the next level and land the job of your dreams, then be sure to enroll in our "How to Crack an Interview" course today. We can't wait to help you succeed!


This Course is Non-Refundable. For more details check our refund policy


Total: 47 videos Total time: 1 hours 24 min

About the instructor

She is a Charetered Accountant with more than 14 years of post-qualifications experience across diversified fields of finance and service delivery. In her last corporate role, she was a Service Delivery Leader in a leading MNC for a major global Client.

Since last more than 1 year, she is handling the position of Chief Marketing & Sales officer for Bizwiz.co.in. Her unique approach to strategic, service-focused marketing is responsible for enrolling more than 10,000 students for the courses launched at Bizwiz. 

And now she endeavours to teach these skills with people at-large to help them to start and grow their own businessesattract clients, redefine, improve their marketing and generate consistent cash flow.

What Shikha preaches is something that she has practiced — and seen meaningful, measurable results from in her own business.

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  • The course provided me extremely useful knowledge that will help to improve my day to day tasks. Mr Amit is really amazing in delivering his subject.

    It's amazing. Lots of learning

    This course was one of the amazing, and the best is the way of teaching which is like most, So in conclude i really liked this course.

    The course is nicely demonstrated in short and crispy manner.

    It is an amazing course. In few hours I have learnt so much about excel and all of the awesome features inside of it. Excel truly is an amazing software and Mr. Amit Jain is an amazing instructor. Five star for the course.

    Excellent course. I like this course. While learning this course, i come to know there are so many options and features, which i don't know previously, eventhough i am using excel from so many years..100% usefull.

    It was a Great course. Easy to follow. Well created. The Tutorials were clear and sharp. Just loved the course and it helped me expand my knowledge of Excel.

    Thank You so much Sir for such an amazing course.,learnt a lot from this course. This course has helped me to become an expert in Excel,where i was just a beginner before enrolling in this course. Really enjoyed the way you taught and made it look really easy.

    This course was extremely beneficial for me. When it comes to Excel, I knew a little of this or that process and had to try to find my way to complete the task. I started at the beginning of the course and watched every video and did every hands-on practice lesson. Now I feel like I have comprehensive knowledge. I also loved the way the course was presented. Today I got my certificate also. Thank you Amit sir for the same.

    This was very interesting to me. I learned a lot going through this course. I was an excel beginner. The instructor was excellent and he did not rush through the section.

    The course material are very useful. The course is well structured and the explain things so neatly that there are no doubt left after watching the video.

    This course is simply FANTASTIC !!! I learnt so many things thanks to an amazing teacher If you want to learn how to use Excel I highly recommend you this course :)

    It's really a good start. I was completely new to excel, Excel is something like an ocean. But somehow Amit manage to conceptualise the majority of Formulae and functions.

    It was my very first online course, the speed of teaching is up to mark, detailed videos, and quality video

    Thank you Sir for this wonderful course, your style of teaching the concepts alongside with to the point examples is fabulous. You've made it very-very easy. Looking forward to your other courses.

    Was one of the best course in Excel, Keep Teaching with the same energy..I would love to learn more.. Thank You for your guidance and assistance.

    This course was a fantastic overview from basic to complex features. I use excel daily for work but learned so much more than I ever knew could be done. I will definitely come back to the videos as I use my new skills. Thanks you sir for sharing amazing knowledge.

    Great Course! A detailed explanation of functions, and hands on demos to follow along. Amit is very knowledgeable, a real expert with Excel.

    Excellent course, I do feel I know so much more compared to when I started it. The instructor explains the concepts really well. Now I can save lots of time in office.

    This course has a good teacher, every thing is explain step by step

    This was by far the best online course I've taken so far. It's a lot of information to digest, but it's all about practicing these more.

    Good explanation for key details, but too much details in some videos. Make it more followable by splitting it at least in two parts. Still lots of learning.

    I was having lots of struggle in office in excel as maximum work done is in excel only. This course seriously helped me lot to sort out this issue. Thank you Amit for sharing such a wonderful course on online platform.

    Yes, it was a great match! I am really happy with the course. The only part (advanced drop down list) was difficult for me but still after practicing 3-4 times, I understood it. But the rest is perfect! Thanks a lot!

    This course was really an eye-opener. I thought I knew much about excel formulas till I was introduced to these advanced formulas and the possibilities that exist. Mind blowing...

    I am also working on beginner to Advanced course. I am not advanced enough to learn these functions, but am expected to know Index and match in order to do some reports for my job. I think the course is very good, just a bit over my head right now.

    Great learning experience, superb involvement in all sessions. Highly interactive sessions.

    Course is in Hindi. I'm not able to understand.

    Amazing course. Lots of learning. Five star from my side.




    Amazing teacher ????????????????



    very good explanation


    best cource

    Jhakas h Amit Bhai


    Excellent way of teaching.

    Good offer sir



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    Well Teaching in very well manner Easy to understand


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    Loving the session


    Wonderful session.. looking ahead for more sessions


    very nice session with excellent knowledge and communication skills

    Awesome session

    Very exciting and challenging course


    Very good

    I think basic part is more not advanced level is there ,teaching methodology is good

    Awesome Experience want to learn more from you Sir

    Nice time to study easily we can stand thank you.

    Its was really a wonderful session. Never expected something like this for free.

    It was amazing

    Excellent settion sir. ????????

    I have learnt alot during this session. Many new things comes to know as I was not aware till date. Thank you sir for this inciative.


    Very Very Helpful

    nice classes

    Hats off boss


    Very Nice

    Really useful session Thanks Amit

    Very impressive learning

    Yes sir best

    This session so amazing ???? Now i am Contenew my Management Course after my Study I play with Data in a Organization.

    Nice Training. Please send my certificate of completion

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    today i learn many things ,thank you so much sir.

    today i learn many things ,thank you so much sir.

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    Nice session

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    Such an amazing session and worthy knowledge love to be a part of this workshop.

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    Dear sir, I am not able to do like these activities in Google Sheet Excel. How can I press (ِAlt+E S L, M, D,S) at same time? I am not able to open the Alt special window in G Sheet excel also. Please help me



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    Very nice presentation sir I joined this course only for PPTs I am a teacher.

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    Best Excel Tutuor. Im Always Grateful for This Wonderful Course At A Nominal fee.

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    Best Excel Tutuor. Im Always Grateful For This Wonderful Course At A Nominal Fee.

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